MicroPE Investor


I build and buy
simple profitable
internet businesses


Good businesses Fair prices

Investment Thesis

- Industry: Simple businesses. Explains itself in 1 sentence. Makes and/or saves money/time for the customers. Preference for B2B MicroSaaS.
- Company size: Annual revenue 4-5 figure $.
- Current company cycle: Maturing. The business has become established from the initial idea or getting there by original founder.
- Growth potential: Steady boring growth. Easy to run but grind. Unattractive to competitors. Add value by working on better, cheaper, faster.
- Personnel needs: 1
- Operational partners: Myself + supported by contractors.
- Tech stack: Python, Javascript, No-code
- Exit plan: Operating income. Take fair offer.
- Hold period: up to 3 years then perpetual.
- Financial strategy: 100% cash.
- Acquisition: 5 figure. Up to 5x TTM Net Profit.

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